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    Curriculum Vitae
    581 Evangeline St
    Cumberland, ON, K4A 4G4
    Tel: (613) 864-9548


    Hiring this candidate nets you a leader who believes in a forward-looking organization that supports its most valuable investment, its human resources. I am looking for a leadership position where I can use my communication and planning skills at the strategic level to improve business productivity throughout all divisions of the company.

    I have led a number of large IT and health system related activities and provided consultation to organizations across Canada. I am known for my thinking across traditional boundaries and strong sense of the need for decision making predicated upon long term strategic planning.

    I am a strong advocate of the need for system level planning and strategic investment. Networking with health care professionals throughout Ontario and Canada, I have enjoyed the opportunity to:

    • work with leaders in electronic health records from British Columbia to Nova Scotia,
    • discuss policy with officials of the Alberta Health and Wellness department,
    • provide input into Ontario's eHealth priorities,
    • participate in the planning, development and implementation of Canada's newest medical residency training programmes,
    • follow closely the revitalization of Canada's largest rural medical residency training programme, and
    • make significant contributions to a developing Integrated Mental Health System in Eastern Ontario.
    I have thirty years’ experience providing IM / IT support to large organizations and clients of many sizes in the public and private sector. My experience spans operations, management, consultation, and expert panels. With a user driven, interdisciplinary approach, and leveraging innovative public and private sector partnerships, I have successfully delivered large and small projects to better support front line service delivery.

    Recent projects include:

    • Promoting large scale health sector back office and Electronic Health Records projects,
    • Business Process Reengineering for a health authority in BC,
    • Deployment of a national comparative database and business intelligence environment,
    • Implementation of cutting edge technology to capture data from written notes at the point of care,
    • Negotiation of innovative partnerships to leverage hospital intellectual property with the vendor community,
    • Development of a regional conference to share technology with hospital and community partners, and
    • Planning for a new, state of the art health care facility.


    • Thirty years' experience in IM / IT service delivery, management and leadership
    • National involvement in innovative projects
    • Supervision of corporate and regional Information Management staff including IM/IT, Telecommunications, Health Records, Transcription Services, Human Resources, Education and project staff
    • Leadership of innovative national and regional initiatives
    • Participation in national standards setting
    • Guided Ottawa's successful Regional Electronic Patient Record and Rural and Remote Electronic Master Patient Index projects
    • Budgeting experience within a $130 million organization
    • Executive lead in projects valued at up to $25 million
    • Experience designing, supervising and supporting a variety of regional health care systems


    Bachelor of Independent Studies, University of Waterloo
    • Thesis: The Graphical Presentation of Biomechanical Data


    1991 to present
    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


    English and French (bilingual). Spanish and Latin (written).




    Senior Business Architect, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Kingston
    Senior Business Architect for Health Care Connect (Unattached Patient Programme) Architecture

    • Review and consultation on public portlet release of HCC application
    • In depth research, analysis and reporting on project management and architecture issues
    • Follow up with internal and external clients
    • User Experience (UXE) planning and coding (see next project)
    • Business Architect consultant to various other MoHLTC projects

    2009 to 2010
    Application, Services and Web Developer, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Kingston
    Application, Services and Web Developer for Health Care Connect (Unattached Patient Programme) Application Development

    • Coding in Java for multiple platforms (historic Java Runtime Environments)
    • User Experience Engineering (UXE)
    • Deployed portal applet (Secure servlet, JSP pages and Web Services on IBM WebSphere [SOA])

    2008 to 2009
    Senior Privacy Consultant, Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Ottawa
    Senior Privacy Consultant, Privacy Impact Assessment Reviews

    • Review and consultation on federal Privacy Impact Assessments
    • Elimination of the PIA Review backlog
    • In depth research, analysis and reporting on special issues
    • Follow up with federal departments
    • Consultation with PIA Review Officers
    • Recalled for repeat engagement

    Senior Business Consultant, OntarioMD
    Senior Business Consultant, Business Processes, Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard

    • Design the Transition Support Programme’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • Manage development and deployment of OntarioMD’s first Clinical Management System Adoption Assessment, including work flow documentation and improvement
    • Originally engaged to implement the Customer Management group’s 2008 Balanced Scorecard, including corporate and business unit goals, objectives and Key Performance Indicators for the 2008 Balanced Scorecard
    • Originally engaged to develop the methods, processes and tools required to provide management consulting services to physicians adopting IT, including CMS / EMR

    2007 to 2008
    Senior Consultant, CGI
    Senior Consultant, Health Care Business Processes

    • Health Care support for CGI’s Public Sector team
    • Business Development and Marketing of CGI’s Health Care Solutions Portfolio
    • Support for regional Business Unit response and delivery activities
    • Participation in CGI’s Health Care Sector committees, standards and collaboration efforts
    • Successful pursuit of $80M back-office and $44M iEHR opportunities across Canada

    2006 - 2007
    Business Development, B Sharp Technologies Inc.
    Senior Consultant Advisor

    • Support on B Sharp’s RFP responses
      • Advisement
      • Review
      • Writing support
    • Strategic positioning of B Sharp and the B Care brand in the health care market
    • Sales support on health care and professional services opportunities in Canada

    IM / IT Business Process Review, BC Provincial Health Services Authority
    Senior Business Consultant

    • Investigated IMIT organization for efficiencies and service improvements
    • External consultant reporting directly to the Chief Information Officer of the PHSA
      • Investigated IM / IT organization for efficiencies and service improvements
      • Reviewed all IM / IT, Health Records, Transcription Services and eHealth
      • Organizational Review using Matrix and Functional views
    • Deliverables & Accomplishments
      • Weekly written status reports
      • Milestone oral presentations
      • Written Reports

    2005 to 2006
    CIHI Portal Beta Project, Canadian Institute for Health Information
    Project Manager

    • Lead multi disciplinary project team
    • Pan Canadian health system data warehouse and web based Business Intelligence environment
    • On time launch

    2000 to 2005Chief Information Officer, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group
    • Report to the CEO
    • Member of senior management committees at multiple facilities
    • Supervise Clinical Records and Information Systems managers
    • Responsible for Strategic Planning and Implementation Planning
    1995 to 2000Director, Information Systems at the Northwestern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre
    • Report to the CEO
    • Member of senior management committees
    • Supervise staff providing support and project management
    • Manage consultants
    • Prepared successful proposals for a regional health network
    • Designed and implemented the voice and data network and equipment in a recent $5 million capital expansion
    1989 to PresentDirector of SunSpirit Medical Management
    • Board level input into the running of a large local medical clinic established in 1980 and sold in 1998
    • Signing authority


    2008 to PresenteLearning Consultant, Sisters of Charity (SCOHS) / Bruyère
    • Consulting regarding Internet based training implementation
      • Programming of Flash based eLearning modules
      • Linkages to internal Learning Management System
      • Portability for external web publishing
      • Multilingual design and delivery
      • Programming to support custom requirements
    1991 to 1999Principal MIS consultant to Health Sciences North
    • Consulting regarding computer literacy training, information technology, hardware and software purchasing, networking and e-mail, and staff training
    • Designed and implemented a regional BBS system for e-mail communications
    • Designed and implemented a replacement using current Internet technology
    1991 to 1998Designed and supported the Family Medicine Residency Data TrackingProgramme
    • Used by Health Sciences North and the University of Toronto Family andCommunity Medicine
    • Written in BASIC, MS-Access and Crystal Reports
    1978 to 1998Wrote and supported medical office automation system for Field Medical Computer Services Ltd 
    • Scheduling, registration, electronic charting, word processing and billing package
    • Used to run a "paperless office."
    • Written in BASIC
    • Cross platform – BASIC, DOS, Windows 95, OS/2


    1999 to 2000Member of the Board of Directors of the regional Network Northwest organization
    • Accomplishments
      • Prepared a successful (funded) project proposal for a high speed networking infrastructure deployment in Northern Ontario
    • Efficiencies
      • Worked with hospitals, universities, colleges and others

    1997 to 2000Member, Board of Directors of non-profit group 
    • Chair of Board of Directors
    • Building and budget management
    • Advise three permanent staff and coordinate the efforts of numerous volunteers
    Jan to Apr 1999Sessional lecturer in the Business Department at Lakehead University 


    June 18, 1999Northwestern Ontario Information Technology Symposium #6: Health Care Initiatives in Northern Ontario - An introduction for Information Technologyleaders
    June 11, 1999Ontario Hospital Association Conference on Telehealth: Health Care's Information Highway - Clinical Health Networks - Current Examples
    October, 1995Northern Lights '95: Advanced Palliative Care presentation -- Computer Concepts. This presentation focused on information sharing among team members in Palliative Care.
    October, 1995Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Technologists -- Medical Information on the World Wide Web. This presentation demonstrated the resources available to medical professionals as well as the general public.
    May, 1995Physio North '95, Timmins, Ontario -- Keynote Address: Surfing the'Net.
    October, 1993Redressing the Imbalance: Health Human Resources in Rural and Northern Communities conference presentation on the Use of a Commercial Computer Bulletin Board System for Professional Networking and Student Education.
    October, 1992Section of Teachers of Family Medicine presentation on Patient Encounter Tracking, Computer Literacy Training and Electronic Communications in a Rural and Remote Residency Training Programme.


    1991 to presentThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


    I am fluently bilingual in English and French. I can also read and write Spanish and Latin.


    I enjoy healthy recreational activities such as skiing, swimming, hiking and canoeing. I also play the F Horn, piano and other musical instruments.


    References are available upon request.


    For the search-bots:

    Education:Bachelor of Independent Studies (BIS), University of Waterloo
    Management:Director, Board, Supervisor, Chair, Senior, Consultant, Project Manager, Communication
    Technical:MS Access, SQL Server, Visual Basic (VB, VBA), Windows (NT,95/98), MS Exchange, MS Project, MS FrontPage, Visio, PalmOS, OS/2, Novell NetWare, UNIX, HP-UX, Linux, TCP/IP, Internet, LAN, WAN, VPN, Netscape,Java, XML, HTML, Telephone (PBX), Security, Oracle, Sybase, DB2
    Other:Volunteer, Professor, Sessional Lecturer, IEEE
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