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My First Blog Entry

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Will anyone read this? I have no idea. But every blog needs a "hello world" entry.

This is mine.


  1. BigHead's Avatar
    I read it!
  2. Manlysemen's Avatar
    Me too. And only 5 days later.

    I thought our various threads, combined and interlaced as they are, essentially amount to a communal blog (albeit for private members only).
  3. BigHead's Avatar
    Yes. I have a thought that I might stick Google Ads on this page, and we can post a summary of particularly insightful discussions, from time to time.

    Remembering, of course, that all aspects of vB Blog entries are public...
  4. Big Dick's Avatar
    Uh, I've only read it now - like a year later plus a few days. What does this say about me?
  5. Manlysemen's Avatar
    That you are much more in touch than Ramius and JG.