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2002-07-18, 10:26
This résumé is available in HTML (http://phumphries.com/peh/cv-peh.htm), ASCII (http://phumphries.com/peh/cv.txt) and Word (http://phumphries.com/peh/cv-peh.doc) formats.<hr><center>Curriculum Vitae<br><b>PETER E. HUMPHRIES</b><br>581 Evangeline St<br>Cumberland, ON, K4A 4G4<br>Tel: (613) 864-9548<br>Internet: peh@phumphries.com<br><hr></center><b>SUMMARY</b><p>Hiring this candidate nets you a leader who believes in a forward-looking organization that supports its most valuable investment, its human resources. I am looking for a leadership position where I can use my communication and planning skills at the strategic level to improve business productivity throughout all divisions of the company.<p>I have led a number of large IT and health system related activities and provided consultation to organizations across Canada. I am known for my thinking across traditional boundaries and strong sense of the need for decision making predicated upon long term strategic planning.<p>I am a strong advocate of the need for system level planning and strategic investment. Networking with health care professionals throughout Ontario and Canada, I have enjoyed the opportunity to:<ul><li>work with leaders in electronic health records from British Columbia to Nova Scotia,<li>discuss policy with officials of the Alberta Health and Wellness department,<li>provide input into Ontario's eHealth priorities,<li>participate in the planning, development and implementation of Canada's newest medical residency training programmes,<li>follow closely the revitalization of Canada's largest rural medical residency training programme, and<li>make significant contributions to a developing Integrated Mental Health System in Eastern Ontario.</ul>I have thirty years’ experience providing IM / IT support to large organizations and clients of many sizes in the public and private sector. My experience spans operations, management, consultation, and expert panels. With a user driven, interdisciplinary approach, and leveraging innovative public and private sector partnerships, I have successfully delivered large and small projects to better support front line service delivery.<p>Recent projects include:<ul><li>Promoting large scale health sector back office and Electronic Health Records projects,<li>Business Process Reengineering for a health authority in BC,<li>Deployment of a national comparative database and business intelligence environment,<li>Implementation of cutting edge technology to capture data from written notes at the point of care,<li>Negotiation of innovative partnerships to leverage hospital intellectual property with the vendor community,<li>Development of a regional conference to share technology with hospital and community partners, and<li>Planning for a new, state of the art health care facility.</ul><p><b>QUALIFICATIONS</b><p><ul type="disc"><li>Thirty years' experience in IM / IT service delivery, management and leadership<li>National involvement in innovative projects<li>Supervision of corporate and regional Information Management staff including IM/IT, Telecommunications, Health Records, Transcription Services, Human Resources, Education and project staff<li>Leadership of innovative national and regional initiatives<li>Participation in national standards setting<li>Guided Ottawa's successful Regional Electronic Patient Record and Rural and Remote Electronic Master Patient Index projects<li>Budgeting experience within a $130 million organization<li>Executive lead in projects valued at up to $25 million<li>Experience designing, supervising and supporting a variety of regional health care systems</ul><p><b>EDUCATION</b><p>Bachelor of Independent Studies, University of Waterloo<br>• Thesis: <i>The Graphical Presentation of Biomechanical Data</i><p><b>TECHNICAL SOCIETIES</b><p>1991 to present<br>The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)<p><b>LANGUAGES</b><p>English and French (bilingual). Spanish and Latin (written).<p><b>SECURITY CLEARANCE</b><p>Secret.<p><hr><b>RECENT CONSULTING EXPERIENCE</b><p><b>2009<br>Senior Business Architect, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Kingston<br>Senior Business Architect for Health Care Connect (Unattached Patient Programme) Architecture</b><p><ul><li>Review and consultation on public portlet release of HCC application<li>In depth research, analysis and reporting on project management and architecture issues<li>Follow up with internal and external clients<li>User Experience (UXE) planning and coding (see next project)<li>Business Architect consultant to various other MoHLTC projects</ul><p><b>2009 to 2010<br>Application, Services and Web Developer, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Kingston<br>Application, Services and Web Developer for Health Care Connect (Unattached Patient Programme) Application Development</b><p><ul><li>Coding in Java for multiple platforms (historic Java Runtime Environments)<li>User Experience Engineering (UXE)<li>Deployed portal applet (Secure servlet, JSP pages and Web Services on IBM WebSphere [SOA])</ul><p><b>2008 to 2009<br>Senior Privacy Consultant, Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Ottawa<br>Senior Privacy Consultant, Privacy Impact Assessment Reviews</b><p><ul><li>Review and consultation on federal Privacy Impact Assessments<li>Elimination of the PIA Review backlog<li>In depth research, analysis and reporting on special issues<li>Follow up with federal departments<li>Consultation with PIA Review Officers<li>Recalled for repeat engagement</ul><p><b>2008<br>Senior Business Consultant, OntarioMD<br>Senior Business Consultant, Business Processes, Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard</b><ul><li>Design the Transition Support Programme’s Customer Satisfaction Survey<li>Manage development and deployment of OntarioMD’s first Clinical Management System Adoption Assessment, including work flow documentation and improvement<li>Originally engaged to implement the Customer Management group’s 2008 Balanced Scorecard, including corporate and business unit goals, objectives and Key Performance Indicators for the 2008 Balanced Scorecard<li>Originally engaged to develop the methods, processes and tools required to provide management consulting services to physicians adopting IT, including CMS / EMR</ul><p><b>2007 to 2008<br>Senior Consultant, CGI<br>Senior Consultant, Health Care Business Processes</b><ul><li>Health Care support for CGI’s Public Sector team<li>Business Development and Marketing of CGI’s Health Care Solutions Portfolio<li>Support for regional Business Unit response and delivery activities<li>Participation in CGI’s Health Care Sector committees, standards and collaboration efforts<li>Successful pursuit of $80M back-office and $44M iEHR opportunities across Canada</ul><p><b>2006 - 2007<br>Business Development, B Sharp Technologies Inc.<br>Senior Consultant Advisor</b><ul><li>Support on B Sharp’s RFP responses<ul><li>Advisement<li>Review<li>Writing support</ul><li>Strategic positioning of B Sharp and the B Care brand in the health care market<li>Sales support on health care and professional services opportunities in Canada</ul><p><b>2006<br>IM / IT Business Process Review, BC Provincial Health Services Authority<br>Senior Business Consultant</b><ul><li>Investigated IMIT organization for efficiencies and service improvements<li>External consultant reporting directly to the Chief Information Officer of the PHSA<ul><li>Investigated IM / IT organization for efficiencies and service improvements<li>Reviewed all IM / IT, Health Records, Transcription Services and eHealth<li>Organizational Review using Matrix and Functional views</ul><li>Deliverables & Accomplishments<ul><li>Weekly written status reports<li>Milestone oral presentations<li>Written Reports</ul></ul><p><b>2005 to 2006<br>CIHI Portal Beta Project, Canadian Institute for Health Information<br>Project Manager</b><ul><li>Lead multi disciplinary project team<li>Pan Canadian health system data warehouse and web based Business Intelligence environment<li>On time launch</ul><p><hr><b>MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE</b><br>&nbsp;<table BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=0 WIDTH="100%" ><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>2000 to 2005</td><td>Chief Information Officer, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group<ul type="disc"><li>Report to the CEO</li><li>Member of senior management committees at multiple facilities</li><li>Supervise Clinical Records and Information Systems managers</li><li>Responsible for Strategic Planning and Implementation Planning<hr></li></ul></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>1995 to 2000</td><td>Director, Information Systems at the Northwestern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre<ul type="disc"><li>Report to the CEO</li><li>Member of senior management committees</li><li>Supervise staff providing support and project management</li><li>Manage consultants</li><li>Prepared successful proposals for a regional health network</li><li>Designed and implemented the voice and data network and equipment in a recent $5 million capital expansion<hr></li></ul></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>1989 to Present</td><td>Director of SunSpirit Medical Management<ul type="disc"><li>Board level input into the running of a large local medical clinic established in 1980 and sold in 1998</li><li>Signing authority<hr></li></ul></td></tr></table><p><b>TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE</b><br>&nbsp;<table BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=0 WIDTH="100%" ><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>2008 to Present</td><td>eLearning Consultant, Sisters of Charity (SCOHS) / Bruyère<ul type="disc"><li>Consulting regarding Internet based training implementation</li><ul><li>Programming of Flash based eLearning modules<li>Linkages to internal Learning Management System<li>Portability for external web publishing<li>Multilingual design and delivery<li>Programming to support custom requirements</ul></ul></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>1991 to 1999</td><td>Principal MIS consultant to Health Sciences North<ul type="disc"><li>Consulting regarding computer literacy training, information technology, hardware and software purchasing, networking and e-mail, and staff training</li><li>Designed and implemented a regional BBS system for e-mail communications</li><li>Designed and implemented a replacement using current Internet technology</li></ul></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>1991 to 1998</td><td>Designed and supported the <b><i>Family Medicine Residency Data TrackingProgramme</i></b><ul type="disc"><li>Used by Health Sciences North and the University of Toronto Family andCommunity Medicine</li><li>Written in BASIC, MS-Access and Crystal Reports<hr></li></ul></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>1978 to 1998</td><td>Wrote and supported medical office automation system for Field Medical Computer Services Ltd&nbsp;<ul type="disc"><li>Scheduling, registration, electronic charting, word processing and billing package</li><li>Used to run a "paperless office."</li><li>Written in BASIC</li><li>Cross platform – BASIC, DOS, Windows 95, OS/2</li></ul></td></tr></table><p><b>OTHER</b><br>&nbsp;<table BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=0 WIDTH="100%" ><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>1999 to 2000</td><td>Member of the Board of Directors of the regional Network Northwest organization<ul type="disc"><li>Accomplishments<ul><li>Prepared a successful (funded) project proposal for a high speed networking infrastructure deployment in Northern Ontario</ul><li>Efficiencies<ul><li>Worked with hospitals, universities, colleges and others</ul><hr></li></ul></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>1997 to 2000</td><td>Member, Board of Directors of non-profit group&nbsp;<ul type="disc"><li>Chair of Board of Directors</li><li>Building and budget management</li><li>Advise three permanent staff and coordinate the efforts of numerous volunteers<hr></li></ul></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>Jan to Apr 1999</td><td>Sessional lecturer in the Business Department at Lakehead University&nbsp;<ul type="disc"><li>Taught <i>Local Area Networking with Novell's NetWare 4.11</i> (<b>BUS4233 WAN</b>)</li><li>Web tools can be found at <a href="http://msi.lakeheadu.ca/phumproot/">http://msi.lakeheadu.ca/phumproot/</a></li></ul></td></tr></table><p><b>PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS</b><br>&nbsp;<table BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=0 WIDTH="100%" ><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>June 18, 1999</td><td>Northwestern Ontario Information Technology Symposium #6: Health Care Initiatives in Northern Ontario - An introduction for Information Technologyleaders<hr></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>June 11, 1999</td><td>Ontario Hospital Association Conference on Telehealth: Health Care's Information Highway - Clinical Health Networks - Current Examples<hr></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>October, 1995</td><td>Northern Lights '95: Advanced Palliative Care presentation -- Computer Concepts. This presentation focused on information sharing among team members in Palliative Care.<hr></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>October, 1995</td><td>Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Technologists -- Medical Information on the World Wide Web. This presentation demonstrated the resources available to medical professionals as well as the general public.<hr></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>May, 1995</td><td>Physio North '95, Timmins, Ontario -- Keynote Address: Surfing the'Net.<hr></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>October, 1993</td><td>Redressing the Imbalance: Health Human Resources in Rural and Northern Communities conference presentation on the Use of a Commercial Computer Bulletin Board System for Professional Networking and Student Education.<hr></td></tr><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>October, 1992</td><td>Section of Teachers of Family Medicine presentation on Patient Encounter Tracking, Computer Literacy Training and Electronic Communications in a Rural and Remote Residency Training Programme.</td></tr></table><p><b>TECHNICAL SOCIETIES</b><br>&nbsp;<table BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=0 WIDTH="100%" ><tr><td VALIGN=TOP>1991 to present</td><td>The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)</td></tr></table><p><b>LANGUAGES</b><p>I am fluently bilingual in English and French. I can also read and write Spanish and Latin.<p><b>ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS</b><p>I enjoy healthy recreational activities such as skiing, swimming, hiking and canoeing. I also play the F Horn, piano and other musical instruments.<p><b>REFERENCES</b><p>References are available upon request.<p><b>KEY-WORD SKILLS</b><p>For the search-bots:<table BORDER CELLPADDING=0 ><tr><td ALIGN=RIGHT VALIGN=TOP>Education:</td><td VALIGN=TOP>Bachelor of Independent Studies (BIS), University of Waterloo</td></tr><tr><td ALIGN=RIGHT VALIGN=TOP>Management:</td><td VALIGN=TOP>Director, Board, Supervisor, Chair, Senior, Consultant, Project Manager, Communication</td></tr><tr><td ALIGN=RIGHT VALIGN=TOP>Technical:</td><td VALIGN=TOP>MS Access, SQL Server, Visual Basic (VB, VBA), Windows (NT,95/98), MS Exchange, MS Project, MS FrontPage, Visio, PalmOS, OS/2, Novell NetWare, UNIX, HP-UX, Linux, TCP/IP, Internet, LAN, WAN, VPN, Netscape,Java, XML, HTML, Telephone (PBX), Security, Oracle, Sybase, DB2</td></tr><tr><td ALIGN=RIGHT VALIGN=TOP>Other:</td><td VALIGN=TOP>Volunteer, Professor, Sessional Lecturer, IEEE</td></tr></table>